field guide #1 for newly-incarnated citizens


About the Welcome to Earth Manual: Field Guide #1 for Newly-Incarnated Citizens

The Welcome to Earth Manual: Field Guide #1 for Newly-Incarnated Citizens is the kind of handbook for living we wish we had had as kids. It helps introduce lives to what they are here in this world to do, the environment and world of energy they are part of, the “equipment” they’ve been supplied with for this planetary life and how they impact their surroundings as citizens.

It helps tell this story and provide these pointers with original visual and artistic representations of energies and realities using a variety of media and dimensions (folded paper is used to create 3D experiences), as well as narrative instructions.

The single original physical copy of the Welcome to Earth Manual: Field Guide #1 for Newly-Incarnated Citizens can be found and read at the wonderful Brooklyn Art Library at 28 Frost Street in Brooklyn, New York. The physical manual is a potent experience since the various plates and drawings can be unfolded and the dimensionality interacted with through touch. The Brooklyn Art Library is a magical free outing for the whole family with the opportunity to see over 36,000 sketchbooks from all over the world. For more information, check out the Brooklyn Art Library website HERE.



Manual issued to:


Welcome to Earth Manual: Field Guide #1 for Newly-
Incarnated Citizens

(This visual above represents landing on Earth through the “space-bridge” of the birth canal.)
(This visual above represents first contact with the Earth atmosphere of air and light.)
Welcome to Earth!

You have successfully completed the first leg of your mission. Your mission is to learn, experience, express, grow, share, serve, uplift and initiate. The Earth is your laboratory, school, playground and field of experience and service. As you carry out your mission, you will be sending data about Earth back to headquarters, and We will send new assignments and pieces of information to you. This will happen via a bridge of light and electricity. (See Plate I.) Once per 24 hours (the Earth unit of “time”), your Earth equipment will go offline in “sleep mode”, and you will be able to travel more freely to HQ to share your findings and to different Halls of Learning to develop further skills and capacities for your service and eventual Return.

You have done earlier missions to Earth, so you may find on this mission that you remember bits of prior missions. Your memories and experiences from each Earth mission get transferred to the HQ Library Archives on a particular star in a particular constellation, but with each new mission, you build on your previous experience until you eventually wake up fully to all of your archived memories and experiences so you can choose what to draw on from your training for more expanded Earth service.

Let us now debrief on your Earth environment, your equipment pack, the “native” population and conditions, and 4 important messages for you to share with the Earthlings as part of your mission.


The Earth is akin to a garden, similar to the ones here at HQ, but in a different form. The Earth is a nourishing organism that supports different life forms – related but distinct. It is known as a “planet”. There are millions of other planets, each nourishing different life forms and each providing different training opportunities and fields of service. (See Plate II.)

Some planets are highly advanced and others are in process of becoming more advanced. Earth is in process, but it has a unique mission, so it will be advanced in the future. Earth uniquely hosts Earthlings, and Earthlings are a key to the progress of all life.

From on Earth, you will see it as green or brown or red or blue or metallic or white or purple, depending on where you are. (See Plate III.) But from space – a bigger nourishing organism that you passed through on the way to Earth – it appears as a glowing blue sphere. (See Plate IV.) And beyond that, it has an even different geometry that reveals its more complete form. (See Plate V.) Part of your mission is to wake yourself and others up to this form beyond the form.

The Earth, and all lives that it sustains, is made up of different frequencies of vibration. Things that appear “solid” to you are tiny lives that coalesce through magnetic impulse and electricity and vibrate so slowly that they seem to create mass. (See Plate VI.) These “solids” are visible to Earthlings – also known as “humans” – and these solids are generally what humans consider to be “real” and “reality”. The source of all of their major challenges is this limited perception of what is “real”.
PLATE VI. (inner view)
Out beyond the slowly vibrating lives that form “solids”, more rapidly-vibrating lives are attracted together to form a field called “emotions”. (See Plate VII.) The emotional field is where experiences are “felt” – not so much physically as with solids – but through more inner sensations. Even though humans can’t “touch” emotions, they place a highest degree of value on them. This is a source of challenge as well because at this stage in human existence, emotions storm about the planet like the tides of the ocean, pushing them this way and that and often sending them off course. When humans value other experiences beyond emotions, they will become masters of the seas, and the seas will become calm, beautiful reflections of other realms between Earth and HQ.
Out beyond the emotional lives, even more rapidly-vibrating lives sound notes that draw them together to form a field called “thoughts”. (See Plate VIII.) Thoughts reach humans from Emissaries of HQ to help humans steward Earth and to wake up to why they are really there on Earth. Humans perceive these ideas as bolts of electricity. Most of them think they are the creators of thoughts, and this is also a source of some challenges.

Humans who love and respond to thoughts are easily distracted and suffer from a condition called “busy-ness”, which cuts off the communication lines between humans and Earth, humans and Our Emissaries, humans and HQ, and even humans from each other.

Thoughts are also very prized and coveted and sometimes held prisoner by being possessed by humans thinking they are the sole sourcing creators of thoughts. They do not yet realize that they are collaborating with Us and the Earth as intended CO-CREATING PERCEIVERS and RECEIVERS of thoughts. The thought atmospheres of Earth are currently crowded with the traffic of many partially-formed and not-beautiful thoughts of low vibration because they are colored by humans’ desire, ambition and self-focus, and the light from the realms beyond Earth and from the gardens of HQ cannot often penetrate the noise and fog of the thought traffic.

Beyond the field of thought, even more rapidly-vibrating lives form more expanded fields of experience and motion, including the abstract mind, love-wisdom and pure will. (See Plate IX.) These fields are currently mostly unknown to humans, who are often busy collecting or building physical objects, bathing themselves excessively in the ocean of emotion and polishing the gold of their thoughts.

Physical Earth is beautiful, to be sure, but many humans are so focused on the beauty of what they see and feel and think they know that they do not yet respond to the beauty of the unseen realms and the majesty of HQ that awaits them not only upon their Return, but also upon Earth if they would only spot and step onto the bridge between Earth and the unseen realms. Passage lies through the Sun, but the light of the Sun yet blinds them. (See Plate X.)
PLATE X. (continued)
This is only a most rudimentary brief of the Earth. The rest is for you to discover for yourself as part of your mission. Seek the abstract mind, the love-wisdom and the pure will. Enjoy and experience the beauty of the Earth and human creations, but turn yourself inward and outward beyond Earth each day, calling out to meet the vibrating lives of abstract mind, love-wisdom and pure will; passing through the Sun onto the bridge to expanded realms; and moving yourself to remember HQ. If you call, We will respond.

(See Plate XI.)

You have travelled to and arrived on Earth with a special Earth suit that you will wear at all times while on Earth. As mentioned earlier, this suit will go offline into sleep mode generally once every 24 hours, and you will be able to roam more freely about the non-physical Earth fields and eventually beyond – at first only while in sleep mode, but over time possibly during wake mode if you train diligently, rhythmically and with discipline.

The visible hardware portion of your Earth suit is formed by the slowly-vibrating lives, and it appears solid. Humans call this hardware portion of their Earth suit their “body” (unaware that it is a travel suit), but this is in fact only Level 1 of the body or Earth suit. Each human’s hardware body, including yours, is of different shape, size and color. The reasons for this form a mystery for you to solve as part of your mission.

Surrounding your solid body, you have a battery pack – Level 2 of your suit. This battery pack is your fueling body and source, and it determines the condition and health of your visible hardware body. Part of your mission is to keep your Earth suit in good working order for the duration of your mission, and one of the most important keys is keeping your battery pack charged. There are many sources for charging your battery, which are your responsibility to ingest: the rays of the Sun; the prana of the air; emanations of the Earth solid body; clean water; pure vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains. You will see humans ingesting other things; it is wise not to follow their lead, but if you must experiment, be prepared to manage some potentially unpleasant and detrimental consequences. Your Earth suit may be negatively impacted, shortening its lifespan and compromising its proper functioning.

Level 3 of your Earth suit interfaces with and provides the apparatus for interface with the emotion field of Earth and other humans. You will likely need to clean and purify Level 3 frequently as the wear and tear of the buffeting emotional seas can cloud, stress and rust your suit. Methods of cleaning include going out into beautiful natural surroundings of the Earth body such as parks; singing; eating less food; not over-indulging in negative news and shows; connecting with happy humans; putting your arms around happy humans – something called a “hug”; breathing deeply and rhythmically in clean air; bathing in the salt water of the ocean; doing something kind for someone else; finding silence and quiet stillness; focusing on the bridge through the Sun; remembering HQ; and many other ways that you will discover on mission. After you have discovered and developed skill in these ways, your mission will take on the work of helping to clear the storms of the field of emotion so that humans and other lives can see the Sun and experience the beauty of calm seas.

Level 4 of your Earth suit interfaces with and provides the apparatus for interface with the thought field of Earth and other humans.

Depending on the specific line of your mission – which it is your work to discover as early as possible while on Earth from among 7 major mission lines – you may find Level 4 to become very full and active. This is good if you are on a thought mission line, but if it becomes too full and congested – especially with heavy, negative or unbeautiful thoughts of a low vibration – you are likely to need to vent Level 4 of your suit. This is a good daily and weekly routine maintenance practice so that congestive pressure does not build up in your suit. One of the most effective forms of venting is called “meditation”. It is part of your mission to discover meditation and identify which meditation approaches are most suited to you and your line of service and learning.

Levels 5-7 of your Earth suit are currently in standby mode. You can activate them into active mode the more you learn about Earth and human existence, the more you keep Levels 1-4 of your Earth suit in high working order, the more you serve the Earth environment and your fellow humans, and the more you complement your Earth service and learning with interstellar exploration and travel via your consciousness through many of the approaches spelled out in this manual.

In addition to the 7 Levels of your Earth suit, each Level has 7 main “stations” and a multitude of ancillary stations. Each of these stations has different functions. They operate automatically full-time while you are on Earth, but part of your mission is to learn how to use them consciously and to direct their functions for maximum efficiency, expression and interface. Through conscious awareness and directing of their functions through getting to know their engineering, they will continuously upgrade and update – becoming more high-tech, more fueled, more powerful and more useful. The more you activate these stations through knowledge and use, the brighter the light of your Earth suit will become, and like the Sun in the sky, you will become part of the bridge to the beautiful realms beyond Earth and to HQ. You will provide a path for others to step upon the bridge, and you will contribute to the Earth becoming an Advanced Planet. This is one of the most important parts of your mission.

We have provided you with a basic schematic map of the stations of your Earth suit so you can begin to study their engineering and use and activate them. (See Plate XII.) You will discover other stations as you successfully bring the major stations and some ancillary stations online into greater activity.


The “native” population of humans is, in fact, not native. Like you, all humans have travelled, but unlike you, the vast majority do not arrive on Earth aware that they have travelled and are there on mission. This has been by design for safety and technical reasons. Throughout human history, We have sent special Emissaries at key times who either arrived aware of their mission or woke up to it early or rapidly after arrival. (See Plate XIII.) You can find these Emissaries in digital history archives or in history books. They always pointed the way for humans to progress, and the ideas and values they brought to Earth have had such an impact on human existence and living that they have been recorded, remembered, studied and followed throughout time.

Until recently, most humans have had to become aware of their mission very slowly on their own or through the pressure of external events. Some have discovered it through books, some through groups or communities, and a few lucky ones through Teacher Emissaries visiting on Earth for a time in Earth suits or during a human’s sleep time. Many humans have travelled on many repeated missions to Earth and still do not realize it.

You are part of a beta group that has received this manual as part of your landing gear. There is a special window, especially leading up to Earth Year 2025 and beyond (See Plate XIV), for accelerating the waking up of humans to the fact that they have travelled and to the mission they are on Earth to carry out, thus contributing as a result to a corresponding acceleration of Planet Earth into Advanced Planet status.

If you and your beta group prove to be a successful experiment in knowing that you are there on mission and understanding more of the Earth and human story, much time and effort can be saved, and an intended collaboration of humans and Planet Earth can begin soon.

Humans have a much greater impact on their experience and conditions on Earth than most of them currently know. They create personal, family, community, city, national and planetary weather systems (See Plate XV.), largely because there is one great reality and law that many of them – especially the leaders – do not currently know:


ALL is living energy – not just the “physical” things that humans are used to seeing and touching – but also emotions, thoughts, words, actions, intentions, interactions, truths, lies, stars, suns, planets, animals, plants, minerals, atoms, the past, the present, the future – ALL is energy. If more humans could see the subtler energies beyond the physical with their physical eyes – which will happen in the future when physical vision is augmented with “etheric vision” – they would have a greater understanding of the atmospheres they create in the ecosystems they are part of, and they would live more responsibly.

Humans are capable of creating great beauty and great ugliness. The Earth is a laboratory and force of duality and polarity, diversity and plurality. This duality and plurality can lead to unity or division, harmony or chaos. But the division and chaos ever impulse the planet and humans towards unity and harmony through contrast.

The majority of challenges and world needs you will observe on your Earth mission are sourced from humans’ unawareness of the truth, fact and operating system that all is energy. The solutions rest in this fact awakening in human consciousness.

When humans realize that all is energy and start mapping the implications, they will start watching and purifying their thoughts, words, emotions, ingestions and actions. They will realize the associated reality that since all is energy, all is interconnected through the fields of energy and is essentially one. They will realize that if they harm or diminish any life in any form, they harm or diminish themselves and that if they cherish, steward and recognize the soul in any life in any form, they cherish, steward and recognize the soul in themselves. (See Plate XVI.) They will realize that humans own nothing, but are rather temporary stewards of allotments of the Planet Earth’s energies and resources to direct them towards the fulfilling of Earth’s mission and the missions of the life of all humans called “humanity” and the missions of the animals, plants, minerals, atomic and subatomic lives and the lives known as “the Builders” or the Devas.


You are being given this information upon your arrival. With great knowledge, comes great responsibility. There are many challenges to be solved, and many opportunities to participate in. Create only beauty, do no harm, lift up your fellow humans and the other lives of the Earth, keep your Earth suit pure and healthy, pass through the Sun onto the bridge frequently, and turn your attention to HQ as often as you can.

With these words and guiding instructions, we leave you with 4 messages, ideas and realities that are part of your mission and responsibility to share as a citizen of Earth:


1 > A Planetary Collaborative of Good exists on Planet Earth, consisting of Emissaries beyond Earth and a few in Earth suits on Earth and humans in Earth suits on Earth and many not in Earth suits waiting to incarnate and return to Earth mission.

2 > A World Plan of Good exists, guiding existence and progress. Most apparent chaos is a planned catalyst of good, wisely monitored and adjusted by the Planetary Collaborative in response to need and call.

3 > All lives are citizens of the world of energy and are subject to the reality that all is energy, evolving together through energy.

4 > A collaborative approach to world stewardship for the good of all is emerging as a new way of living. It will help lead humanity into its full cooperation with the Planetary Collaborative, the World Plan of Good and the expanded energy reality.

We will send further instructions and information about these 4 ideas and realities when the time is right. In the meantime, seek further insight about them through the methods provided in this manual; through study of the natural world, which is an expression and manifestation of the world of energy and greater expanded worlds; and through study of yourself and the other humans and lives with whom you share this planet.

Fare thee well, traveller!

We remain with you all your days, We stand ever ready to respond to your call, and We eagerly await your Return.

– The High Council