lighting a path of good in the world


Golden Threads of Good Books for Children – a body of interactive books and multimedia literary adventures created by I Love Energy!’s founder – light a path of good in the world and provide a guiding pathway for young lives to get an early start in life “connecting the dots of good” in the world and “finding the trail of the golden threads of good” that unite us all.

This trail of golden threads is the “something more” that many incoming young lives increasingly sense and innately apply through a high degree of conscience, inclusion and common-sense caring for the good of all. This natural and evolved sense must be nurtured, valued and affirmed as real as early as possible in life with wise resources created by living stewards of the golden threads of good and the kind and noble way of living that we are evolving towards together. The Golden Threads of Good Books for Children share, explore and point a way to the values, culture and experience of this new living in the midst of the “growth spurts” of our shared evolution trek that create catalyzing pressures through contrast such as the current world conditions of apparent chaos, darkness and division in order to stir the world’s humanitarians into greater will-to-illumination and practical will-to-good in meaningful action all the way to the ground.

These books are lovingly shared with the world and the world’s children based on our own experiences as young lives who sensed the “something more” and aspired to a noble life of doing good early on and had to trek solo, piecing the breadcrumbs of good together for ourselves by exploring and being intuitively led to books that shared bits of the golden threads, underlying unifying truths and valiant “heroes of the common good”. We do so to help meet the needs and outfit the initiatory paths of the new type of such heroes emerging for our age: young agents of evolution who consciously know energy is real, innately express universal values of good for all and are adventurously inspired to work with the science of applied energy.



The 3 Honeylocust Trees

Welcome to Earth: Field Guide #1 for Newly-Incarnated Citizens


Golden Threads of Good Biographies: Heroes of the Common Good

How Bullah Found Her Bounce (and Purpose)

Captain Chipmunk Cadell Commands the Day

The Hardy Hazlett Hens

Bartholomew and His Band of Barking Bullies

Eustace the Unifier

Bonita the Busy Bee

Sasto the Solitary Salamander

Wen-Po the Wise and Worthy Water-Skimmer

Famke the Fastidious Fox

Maestro the Millipede and His 1000-Piece Orchestra

The Gardens of the Stone Gods Kingdom