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About Magical Kids Books
These carefully selected magical kids books were all discovered by the stewarding lives of I Love Energy through our personal quests from early childhood onward to explore and understand the world, people and cultures and the universal truths we always sensed existed. These quests were guided by questions like:

“Why am I here?”
“Why was I born in this place and at this time?”
“What are the lives of other people and other times like?”
“I know I am here to do something important; what is it?”
“How are people around the world the same, and how are they different?”
“What is the quest I sense we are all on together? Is there a path for the quest?”
“Who were the wise people of other ages?”
“Why do I seem to sense and know things other people don’t know or aren’t talking about?”
“What are the stories and legends of other cultures?”
“What are the big unanswered questions and challenges in the world?”
“How does magic work?”
“How does the universe work?”
“Why is the world so beautiful and magical, but sometimes people are not?
“Why do ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people, and why do ‘good’ things happen to ‘bad’ people?”
“How can I live a good, noble and adventurous life?”
“How can I understand nature and all living things in it?”
“What are other places like, and where are the magical places on earth?”
“What are we all becoming?”
“Where are we all going? What happens when we die?”

This selection of books were our path of discovering and growing through the golden threads of good, the magical nature of life and the world of energy for many years, along with movies, until we started to connect with kindred spirits, guiding lives and service opportunities that helped broaden the path, point the way and reveal that the impulse of the quest was always to be able to do more good in the world for all life and lives.

We hope they will enrich your quest and trek of playing abundantly with energy, and we would particularly love to learn of other magical good books and stories you may know from other cultures and parts of the world. We’ve provided a place at the bottom of the page where you can share them with us.

Happy trekking!


the black cauldron series
by lloyd alexander

charlotte’s web
by e.b. white

city of ember series
by jane duprau

the merlin series
by mary stewart

make way for ducklings
by robert mccloskey

the earthsea series
by ursula leguin

the lord of the rings series
by j.r.r. tolkien

the harry potter series
by j.k. rowling

the labours of hercules
by alice a. bailey

the hobbit
by j.r.r. tolkien

le petit prince (the little prince)
by antoine de saint-exupery

from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler
by e.l. konigsburg

the narnia chronicles
by c.s. lewis

tales of the otori series
by lian hearn

the phantom tollbooth
by jules feiffer

winnie the pooh
by a.a. milne

meetings with remarkable men
by g.i. gurdjieff

the giver series
by lois lowry

the red lion
by maria szepes

the secret garden
by frances hodgson burnett

wind in the willows
by kenneth grahame

through the looking glass
by lewis carroll

the trumpet of the swan
by e.b. white

the unicorn tapestries
by margaret freeman

watership down
by richard adams

a wrinkle in time series
by madeleine l’engle

summer and bird
by katherine catmull

Let us know of any good books that you know that share themes of positive magic, energy and good. We're especially actively seeking such books from non-Western cultures and books in translation. Thank you!

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